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Tips when brain storming ideas

Updated: Apr 5

Isn't it frustrating when you're on your computer and you're lost for words? You find yourself staring at the screen, sometimes typing away at random and then deleting what you've written.


One of the ways I get rid of my writer's block is by cutting off all other noise and distraction. The only music I have playing is Mozart, which has been proven to help with focus and temporarily raise IQ. The more I can focus, the easier it is for ideas to come.


If you get distracted easy like me, start challenging yourself. Setting an alarm can be a great way to keep focus. Back in college, when I really didn't want to study, I would keep my phone close and set an alarm to see how much I could get done by a certain time. Each time I'd gotten more and more accomplished until the assignment was done. It can work the same way with brainstorming what you'd like to write, only you have limited time to do it. This can also help with getting used to deadlines with any future freelance assignments you get.


You're a writer. You've most likely written something before in your life that you're proud of. Review it. You'll be reminded that you know how to write, and write well. All you need is to gain the proper motivation.

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