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Three Great Reasons to Visit the Shenandoah National Park

Updated: Mar 22

· The scenery

Shenandoah’s breath-taking fields and waterfalls are not only postcard worthy, but they can also bring out the adventure in the most sedentary person.

Take a drive through Shenandoah valley, and see the beauty of wildlife as you pass. Skyline Drive is over 100 miles long. You can see anything from black bears to deer, and salamanders. You’re welcome to take pictures of what you see, but for safety purposes it’s advised that you stay in your vehicle.

· The hiking

If you’re looking to get good exercise, hiking in the Shenandoah would be a great choice. Grab your best pair of hiking shoes for this activity. You can go exploring in any of the 45 choices in Shenandoah.

The hiking provides a way for sufficient exercising along with sight-seeing. If you’re a beginner, you can start out with the Appalachian Trail. It goes for 52.8 miles and it ranks low on the difficulty scale.

If you’re a hiking expert, you may want to check out Cedar Run–White Oak Circuit. This hike is very strenuous and may require someone who is in ideal shape. However, when you get past the physical demands, the view of the prepossessing waterfalls makes it all worth it.

· The Camping

The outdoor experience doesn’t have to end with a day’s hike. You can also enjoy the feel of nature at night-time.

As part of Shenandoah’s backcountry regulations, you will need a backcountry camping permit. Instructions on how to obtain one are on the Shenandoah national park website.

There are many things to love about camping. One of the things most important to note is that you get to be at peace with nature even in darkness. For once you can take in the light from the stars instead of the light from your smartphone. You get a break from the routine of everyday life in a whole new background.

Lodging is also available. Shenandoah’s cabins can bring back childhood memories of camp.

The lodges are pet friendly with a fee of 30 dollars a night. However, come prepared to sacrifice certain daily luxuries behind as this cabin does not come with TV.

Any lover of the outdoors will appreciate this park. Skeptical first timers may be pleasantly surprised by how much enjoyment there is to get out of Shenandoah. Book your stay online today!

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