My Resume


I aspire to become a successful freelance writer. I have samples of my work on my blog. I can write anything, and I am very determined and motivated to make whatever I do a success. 



“A writer should be joyous, an optimist . . . anything that implies rejection of life is

wrong for a writer.”


- George Gribbin​




I've been working on the same book for 6 years now. I've got nearly 60k words written so far. I can write a book on just about anything I think I can make a good story out of, so I don't have a specific genre. I tend to lean more on romance, but my second novel that I'm working on is an adult mystery/thriller. 


Freelance Writer

I've written articles for Textbroker. Their website is for anyone looking to break into freelance writing, or someone who is just looking to earn some extra money.


One of my articles is featured on the Website 

The name of the article is "The Top Four Unique and Intriguing Places to Visit."



Norhtern Virginia Community College

I'd started out at Northern Virginia Community College in pursuit of an associate of science degree. '


Tidewater Community College

At this institution, I studied Psychology. 

Regent University


I'd changed my pursuit of Occupational Therapy Assistant to a degree in Psychology.